Kids Club

Holy Cross Kids’ Club

Before and after school club

Our vision is to offer children aged between 4-11 a safe, stimulating and culturally enriched play to enable children to learn ,develop socially, physically , intellectually , creatively ,spiritually  and emotionally through play activities.

Session Times    

  • 7.50am – 8.40am
  • 3.20pm-4.30pm
  • 4.30pm-5.30pm

Registration fee (per academic year) £23.00

Each Session £3.95,

siblings £3.70.

All three sessions £11.50  siblings £10.50

Breakfasts 45p and evening tea 60p both optional.


Late pick up fee after 5.30pm -£5 (per child)
if late and for every 15minutes or part of thereafter.

Please click here to view our School Prospectus or here to download our School Policies:

  1. Induction Booklet
  2. induction book September 2015