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Consultation on Changes to Admissions Policies


The Directors of the St John Paul II Multi Academy Company are consulting on proposed changes to the admissions policy at Holy Cross for 2022/23 at the following schools in our multi-academy:

Copies of the proposed policy can be viewed on the school’s website. (please see the document attached below)

The change proposed by the Directors is to remove the Certificate of Catholic Practice from the oversubscription criteria for these schools. Please note that evidence of baptism will still be required in order for children to qualify as Catholic in these proposed policies.

Please note that the proposed change relates to admissions during 2022/23 academic year and beyond. The Certificate of Catholic Practice will still need to be used for admissions in 2020/21 and 2021/2022, following the agreed policies as stated on our website.

Responses to these proposals for any or all of these schools can be made in writing to the address on this letter or via email through

The consultation period ends on 15th January. Responses to the consultation will be considered by the Board of Directors before policies are finalised.