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Hello to all of our Parents, Carers and wonderful Children,    

​We hope that you are all keeping safe and well during this worrying time with the current coronavirus situation we are facing. We understand this is a very surreal situation we are in. Our routines of work, education, Prayer, family life and social engagements has changed dramatically. This will return, but maybe not in the same way which we are used to.  I would like to share this Reflection with you that I recently read which has helped me to accept and adapt to our ‘new normal;’

​“Through the Lord’s resurrection which we have recently celebrated, Jesus calls us to a new life. It is a life based on faith and filled with hope, love and compassion. But it is also a life that calls us to change and grow by letting go of the things that keep us from being the loving persons God made us to be. The baggage we carry varies for each of us but may include our fears, old hurts, anger and prejudice. With Jesus’ help, we can free ourselves from all that binds us.”    

Together, we will overcome with the strength and wisdom of our heavenly father.