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Christian Meditation at Holy Cross School

We are bombarded from an early age with noise, stimulus and messages to keep busy. Jesus says, ‘Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.’ Through the teaching of Christian Meditation, Holy Cross School aims to provide our children, parents and staff with a space for stillness, and silence and simplicity.

We teach Christian Meditation to children throughout the school, from Early Years to Year 6, and is practised daily. Christian Meditation does not replace Religious Education or other forms of prayer. It is one of the forms of prayer our children learn. When children start in Reception, they begin with 1 minute and work up to their chronological age, e.g. 6 years  = 6 minutes 11 years = 11 minutes.

The daily practice of Christian Meditation at Holy Cross School aims to help children, parents and staff to ‘embrace joy, inspire hope, cultivate love, build intimacy and celebrate life.’

A 1 minute meditation mp3 is availble to play or download by clicking the link below.