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Our School Mission

“We share in Christ’s life so He can guide our thoughts, words and actions.”

Instrument of Government Ethos Statement

The school was founded by, and is part of, the Catholic Church.  The school is to be conducted as a Catholic school in accordance with canon law and teachings of the Catholic Church, and in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and in particular:

  • Religious education is to be in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church;
  • Religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices, discipline and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church and at all times the school is to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Responsibilities of the School

  • To secure Christian growth of the children, not simply growth in their own faith, but a growing awareness of the world as maturing Christians to live out our mission statement.
  • To establish a positive partnership between home, school and parish.
  • To provide a happy, safe and secure atmosphere where effective learning can take place.
  • To encourage the children to become responsible individuals.
  • To foster an ethos of respect, care and tolerance between the children and staff themselves, and towards the community at large.
  • To strive to develop the whole child for everyone to reach their full potential through equal access to a broad, balanced and well structured curriculum.
  • To expect high standards of work and behaviour
  • To communicate with parents on all matters concerning their child in a professional manner showing integrity and respect, to build strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust with parents/guardians.

Responsibilities  of Parents/Guardians

  • To lead the children in their spiritual development, particularly in the preparation for the Sacraments  and in their regular attendance at Mass and prayer life. Being aware of the school mission and support it’s aims.
  • To ensure the children are punctual and strive for 100% attendance during the whole of the school year unless prevented from doing so by illness or any other good cause which satisfies the Head Teacher.  To avoid holiday during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances that they will inform the Head Teacher of to determine if the leave can be authorised or not..
  • To fully co-operate and support all school policies and procedures for your child’s development in all areas. e.g. behaviour, health and safety, parent/teacher consultations and homework.
  • Keep the staff at the school well informed if there are any factors which may affect a child’s performance, emotional needs or behaviour.
  • To join in the home/school/parish partnership whole-heartedly to enable their child to reach their full potential ensuring at all times their manner in all school communications whether verbally or in writing,  consistently shows respect and trust to all staff at all times..

 Responsibilities of Pupils

  • To help create a caring community, in and out of school, being aware of our school mission to follow it and do your best to live in Jesus’ example.
  • To respect other people, their feelings, belongings and school property.
  • To take a pride in your appearance in accordance with school uniform policy, ensuring that appropriate equipment is available when required, including PE kit.
  • Always try  to do your best by working hard and showing considerate, caring  behaviour at all times and to strive to fulfil his/her potential in all areas of development
  • To attend school every day unless you are ill and always be on time for school.
  • To take part in all aspects of school life, engaging in school life beyond the classroom, including jobs and responsibilities outside the classroom and also to endeavour to support whole school celebrations for all year groups such as sacramental Masses, as part of the school choir [KS2 children only].

This document is subject to an annual review